Save More Today is like a telescope that helps you effortlessly calculate the future costs of your daily purchases and habits today . It's an app that helps anyone be a little bit more like Warren Buffet. It helps users evaluate the time value of purchases as well as the time/money value of recurring purchases or habits over time. To many people, the time value of their money (based on their specific earnings) may be obscure or difficult to estimate. Providing an effortless calculation of the time value of purchases will allow you to better prioritize in your spending habits. The effortless calculation of the time and money cost of each of your habits will allow a clear-headed evaluation of habit choices with an eye to the future. The app is currently in development. You are welcome to get in contact with the founders if you'd like to participate in our pre-launch! We appreciate your support in any way, shape, or form and are actively seeking funding. Founders: Elliot Lay
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